Keeping Track of Things

We're getting close to the end of 1980 already. That doesn't seem possible. We might actually pull this thing off. When we started talking about doing this podcast, it seemed daunting. Doing the research on 1980 was a huge amount of busy work, and it is the same with 1981 already. It's a big commitment to something that is, for the most part, free work.

We're going to put up a Patreon here on the site for you guys to donate if you feel so inclined, and we've got some ideas for other things that may turn this into an ongoing and even bigger project. If so, sign me up because it's been enormous fun so far.

If you want to see a full list so far of movies that we've covered, you can check it out on Letterboxd.

Our 1980s Images page keeps growing, and we've got original website content coming. We want this to be a place where you guys can discuss these films, where we can chat about them after you've seen stuff from the various episodes, and where we can even interact to make sure the show doesn't miss anything.

February 1980

Here's our second episode.

We were greatly encouraged by the reaction you guys had to the general idea for the podcast, and with this second episode, we started to figure out what it was we wanted the podcast to be. Until you actually get into it, you can't be sure whether or not a show will work. We knew we liked the idea, and we know there's a seemingly endless fascination with the films of the 1980s. But we weren't sure how it would work as a show until we heard what Bobby Roberts, our producer, does with our raw conversation. He is as much a part of the character of this show as either of us, and we're damn lucky to have him working with us.

January 1980

Here's our very first episode.

We recorded two test episodes before we started recording actual episodes we wanted to release, and we worked on some format ideas as we worked out some of the technical questions.

I say "some" because, episode to episode, we're still getting it all locked down. Lately, we've been struggling with some equipment issues, and it led to us taking a couple of steps backwards in terms of overall sound quality.

The first episode gives you an idea of what you can expect. We had some of our release dates wrong, though, so much of this first episode is just timed wrong. Still, it gave us a varied and interesting debut, and it covers a decent amount of ground.

We're Coming!

No, you weirdos. I mean we're going to have our very own '80s All Over website!

What can you expect here?

Aren't you paying attention? It's all about the '80s! We're going to create content that will serve as a complement to the podcast we're doing now, and what form that will take is something that will evolve over time. For now, we know that we want to have some fun here and create something that has plenty of room for community.

That's you guys!

In the meantime, bear with us, because we're going to be trying various things and making an official launch of this site very soon.

In the meantime, you can find the podcast here.

Or you can go to iTunes and search for us.

More soon...