ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Kids Deserve Better

That's the title. And here's where you can buy it.

During his time at Ain’t It Cool News, Drew McWeeny helped build the online entertainment news world, watching it grow from scrappy underdog sites to today’s crowded and competitive field full of sites of all sizes. For the last decade, his work at HitFix drove the daily conversation about movies even as he’s expanded the scope of his coverage to include Film Nerd 2.0, an ongoing series that looks at the way we share media with our children.

The conversation about media literacy has never been more important, and the Film Nerd 2.0 columns provide a snapshot of the way McWeeny and his two sons, Toshi and Allen, have shared media and used movies to talk about all sorts of difficult and important topics. This October, for the first time, you’ll be able to buy all of the original Film Nerd 2.0 columns in one trade paperback edition, and you’ll also get over 150 new pages of material, making this the definitive Film Nerd 2.0 collection.

The first physical book release from McWeeny’s Pulp & Popcorn Publishing will feature illustrations by Trevor Downs (who illustrated the earlier Film Nerd 2.0 book You’re Watching It Wrong: A Film Nerd 2.0 Guide To Star Wars, available now) and special guest appearances by filmmakers who will share ideas about movies and the lessons they impart.

While Film Nerd 2.0 is designed to be fun for movie fans, it’s also much more than that, and the book will look at the ways the dialogue established by the sharing of movies have benefitted McWeeny and his sons. There’s some difficult material here, as the book will cover the dissolution of McWeeny’s marriage and how films helped bridge that transition, as well as examining the way McWeeny has taught his kids to question media sources for veracity and intent. There is even material dealing with the way we can address media literacy in schools and at home.

Part memoir, part film criticism, and part cultural essay, Our Kids Deserve Better: The Film Nerd 2.0 Collection should delight long-time fans of the column while also speaking to a larger audience than ever before.

Our Kids Deserve Better will be available on Amazon and at McWeeny’s site,, on October 15, for $14.99. Pre-sales will be handled through McWeeny's site directly.

FOR THE FIRST 500 PEOPLE WHO PRE-ORDER THE BOOK, beginning April 20, 2017, you’ll not only get a special discounted price, but you’ll also get a book signed by McWeeny and both of his sons, as well as a special bonus stand-alone book, Toshi’s Top 20, which will only be printed 500 times. After that, there will be no more copies, and no future editions.

The only people who will be able to own Toshi’s Top 20 are the first 500 customers to respond to this offer.