An update


There’s no easy way to say “I screwed that one up.”

A combination of a brutal chest cold, spring break, and a visit from my parents led to an entire issue of Pulp & Popcorn falling off the map.

Here’s the short-term solution: everyone currently subscribed is getting not one but two issues added to their current subscription.

Here’s the longer-term solution: we are skipping one release date completely and going back on the original schedule. That means this coming Friday will see the release of issue 6, with subscribers getting their copy at least 24 hours before the single-issues go on sale.

I’ll be talking more about the big picture game plan in the actual issue, and about where Pulp & Popcorn Publishing is headed in general.

John Gholson premiered his spectacular cover art for this issue on Twitter, so I'll run it again here as a preview of what's about to ship.


See you guys in a few days.