Since this is an experiment, let's start with an update.

You guys commissioned four reviews yesterday. I've already got my playlist started and those films hit the queue today. I'll start sending the reviews out tomorrow, since today's all about finishing up the Last Jedi piece and seeing and writing about Tomb Raider before tomorrow morning's embargo release.

Right away, I am delighted by the variety in the titles you picked. The Groove Tube. Eraserhead. Two Mules For Sister Sara. Two For The Road. The Muppet Movie. I am most certainly not going to be bored by the choices you guys make, and the opportunity to write about all four of those entertains me tremendously.

If this works and I end up doing enough of these to eventually collect them, each review will have the name of the person who commissioned it permanently attached. I'll always give you a credit if these get reprinted anywhere, and I really do appreciate that even four of you were willing to give this very odd new idea a try.