About subscriptions...

One of the things that got deleted here when I accidentally trashed the site (I still can't believe that's a real thing that can really happen) was the page where I offered up the subscription forms.

So let's do this again, especially since there's a brand-new issue that only subscribers can read at the moment.

If you want a one-year subscription, here's how you do it...


And if you only want a six-month subscription, you can do that, too!


The subscribers really are the lifeblood of the magazine, and I appreciate each and every one of you. I appreciate your patience while I sorted this issue out, too, and look forward to being back on schedule now.

This week, I'll start posting the subscribers-only sections here on the site that I hope will serve a valuable function for you guys.

And for those of you buying individual issues, I love you, too, and I'll have the new issue available here tomorrow!

An update


There’s no easy way to say “I screwed that one up.”

A combination of a brutal chest cold, spring break, and a visit from my parents led to an entire issue of Pulp & Popcorn falling off the map.

Here’s the short-term solution: everyone currently subscribed is getting not one but two issues added to their current subscription.

Here’s the longer-term solution: we are skipping one release date completely and going back on the original schedule. That means this coming Friday will see the release of issue 6, with subscribers getting their copy at least 24 hours before the single-issues go on sale.

I’ll be talking more about the big picture game plan in the actual issue, and about where Pulp & Popcorn Publishing is headed in general.

John Gholson premiered his spectacular cover art for this issue on Twitter, so I'll run it again here as a preview of what's about to ship.


See you guys in a few days.

So that happened

I deleted Pulp & Popcorn last night.

Didn't mean to, but I did. Now I'll have to repost a few reviews, and I also have to get issues 1 through 3 back online. I'm going to be adding some subscriber-only sections to the site, and those are to help people who want easy to read mobile versions of the fiction and the articles. Those are only going to be open to people who subscribe to the magazine, though.

I will always have free content here, and I am exploring the best ways to juggle all of the various things I'm working on. The magazine, the '80s All Over podcast, and several different book projects are all competing for my time now, and the way I handle it is by playing an ongoing game of round-robin, moving from one to another to another until I finish things. It's making for an interesting headspace, no doubt about it.

But deleting an entire blog? That's a new one, even for me. Sheeeeeesh.